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A team from Nihiluwa Maha Vidyalaya, Hambanthota visits Mahavilachchiya today





A team headed by Amal Thushara, the eVillage Center Manager of by the afternoon with a group of 20 people comprising, students, officials, parents and a Buddhist monk. They visited few students’ houses as well to see how mesh internet works in the village.

They are to undergo training on ICT and English tomorrow.

Following items will be done tomorrow.

  1. Short discussion between HL’s students with the visiting students (sharing experiences)

  2. Accessing internet (tips and shortcuts)

  3. Short discussion between parents

  4. Field trip to internet enabled houses (mesh).

  5. Explanation on the BPO work just started in Mahavilachchiya

The visit of the Nihiluwa Public School is sponsored by Secondary Education Modernization Project (SEMP) of the Ministry of Education following the visit to Mahavilachchiya by Ministry Secretary Mr Ariyaratne Hewage, SEMP Project Director Mr Anura Dissanayaka and other officials in February.


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Life after Connectivity in Sri Lanka’s First e-Village


By Alisha Bhagat, University of Carnegie Melon, USA (Read original article at

In the small jungle village of Mahavilachchiya, children rush home once school has ended for lunch and a rest. The scene is similar to that in villages across the country. However, the seemingly isolated, rural countryside can be misleading. The children in Mahavilachchiya, soon after arriving home, turn on their computers and check email, do research for their homework assignments, and read local news. Mahavilachchiya, a village 40 km from Anuradhapura, has the privilege of being Sri Lanka’s first e-village and boasts the highest computer density of any other village in the country. On November 4, 2006 Sri Lanka’s first outdoor mesh network was launched in the village bringing internet connectivity to 30 households and two schools. Read the rest of this entry »

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