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Mahavilachchiya starts an eco-tourism package


As part of three year plan of reaching sustainability of Horizon Lanka Foundation (2007 January – 2010 December) we are happy to introduce a wonderful eco-tourism package to you. So. book your weekend to be spent in Mahavilachchiya.

Package includes,

  1. A Visit to Tantirimale Ancient Temple
  2. A Visit to mesh internet enabled houses
  3. Few dance items by Horizon Lanka students
  4. A visit inside the village
  5. Meals with traditional village style with mineral water (no game flesh is served as we love nearby Vilpattu jungle. Freshwater fish can be served.)
  6. Accommodation in a village hotel.
  7. A cruise and a bath in Mahavilachchiya reservoir
  8. A Safari tour through the jungle to Nochchiyagama or Anuradhapura.



Telephone: 077-7809533 or 060 225 6696

Address: Mahavilachchiya Model eVillage Project, Horizon Lanka Foundation, 101, Left Bank, Mahavilachchiya, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka


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