A Lovely Indian girl, Miss. Alisha Bhagat, visited Horizon Lanka, Mahavilachchiya


Radhika Nilupulee Rajapaksha radhika@horizonlanka.org

On 2nd of January, 2007 I went to Anuradhapura Railway Station to collect a girl called Alisha. When I went to the railway station saw a girl in a Punjabi dress. Then we introduced each other and came to Horizon Lanka first. Later, I came to my place with Alisha for lunch and she stayed 4 nights in my house.

Alisha was born in India and came to work with the ICTA. She visited Horizon Lanka to do a research. After having lunch, we talked a lot and went for a wash in the little canal near my house. We came back and did some work with the laptops. She liked braiding. I was so wondering what she was doing. After she finished that we had dinner and then she spent some time with the laptop and I studied my lessons before we went to bed.

The second day, 3rd of January was a Poya day and there was no school. My friends came to my place and all of us went to Horizon by bicycles after having breakfast. Alisha did some reporting work and talked with the Manager of Horizon Lanka. After having lunch we came back home. Then we went for a wash to the canal and came home looking for a hot tea. We got ready to go to the temple at about 6.00 pm. We walked to the temple and we worshipped. We met my friends and we described the stories about the Lord Buddha to Alisha. We came home watching the bright full moon. Then we sat together to have dinner and we watched TV while we were eating. She was busy with some work and I studied. Having finished our work, we two went to bed.

The morning of the third day was so good. But I had to go school. My father and Alisha went to Horizon. After I came home, Alisha also came. One of my friends, Chamila, came and talked with her and we took some pictures together with Alisha’s camera. She had designed a survey questionnaire for the Horizon students. She showed it to me. There were some questions for students. Alisha asked me to answer the questions first to check whether the questions were too difficult. I decided to do it with Iresha. We walked to Iresha’s house and answered the survey questions. Then she decided to give them to students. When we came back some of my relations had come. Alisha talked with them. She showed me and my relations some pictures of her. We had dinner, did some work and slept.

The next day I had to go school and Alisha went to Horizon. After we two came home she said that she met Mr. Ranjith, the Headmaster of Horizon Lanka Academy and talked with him. We went for a wash as usual. We came back and Alisha packed her bags as she was scheduled to leave the next day. I was so sad about her leaving. We watched TV, had dinner, did some work with the laptops and slept.

We woke up early in the morning and got ready to go to Horizon. That was a Saturday. Alisha, my parents and I took some snaps together and she said goodbye to my parents. We went by bus to Horizon. After the morning assembly Alisha, my friends and I conducted the survey. After the students finished it Alisha taught us how to play Chess. We had lunch and it was the time for us to say goodbye to Alisha. Alisha said goodbye to all at Horizons and my father and I went with her to the railway station. We met Chamila and Anusha (Horizon seniors) on the way. We all went to the railway station. We all sat there waiting for the train. We talked about the train service in India and Sri Lanka. As the train came and we all felt sad about her leaving. She gave me a hug and said goodbye to me. We were waving to her till the train disappeared. I came home with the nice memories of the time I spent with her and a sad feeling about her leaving.

Alisha is a good young woman. She looks very familiar and friendly. I learnt a lot from her. I wish to see her again and work with her again.

Radhika Nilupulee Rajapaksha
Senior Student
Horizon Lanka Foundation

30th of January, 2007


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  1. 1

    Thushara said,

    I have heard lot of thing about Horizon Lanka, Mahavilachchiya. It is a good effort to bring IT to village. I wish all success for your Org.

  2. 2

    Nalika said,

    Hey Rhadika,
    Great essay!
    Alisha is my good friend! I am glad the two of you had a good time together. I too am going to be in Mahvailachchiya in July and look forward to meeting you and your friends.

  3. 3

    Alisha said,

    great article Radhika! I miss you! My friend Nali will be visiting soon, I know you both are going to become friends!

  4. 4

    Radhika said,

    Hi Alisha,

    Thanks…I miss you too!I hope you are doing well. I hope to hear from you…

  5. 5

    Beautiful blog

  6. 7

    sarana said,

    Dear Sir,

    please help me to read buddhist lessons in tamil language

    thank you

    Sarana kumara

  7. 8

    Alisha said,

    Hi Radhika,
    Reading out your Blog,i remembered my 10th class(ICSE) lesson written by Rabindranath Tagore(Journey of a women in train). You are really good in narrating things around you.Why don’t u try in that way. Best Wishes..
    Alisha A S

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    surendra said,

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  13. 15

    Nihal said,

    Hi Alisha

  14. 16

    Anonymous said,

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  15. 17

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