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Fionnuala Woods’ Report on Horizon Lanka


Horizon Lanka Academy

Mahavilachchiya, Northern Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: white sandy beaches, exotic fruit, elephants, the Tamil Tigers, the tsunami, a tropical paradise but one that remains an essentially a Third World country with many challenges to face – this was the mixed bag of impressions, events and stereotypes that I had of this intriguing country before my visit in the summer of 2006. Read the rest of this entry »


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Ranjith Pushpa Kumara

Horizon Lanka Academy is the academic branch of Horizon Lanka Foundation, a non-profit earning organization dedicated to bridge the Digital Divide. We teach Information and Communication Technology and English as our key subjects. We also emphasize the role of sports in the character development of a child. Similarly, mathematics and Science has become difficult as there is a lack of resources in rural areas in Sri Lanka. Therefore, apart from English and ICT, we offer lessons in science and mathematics to the students in the secondary section. We need seven teachers to run the academy. However we now have only four teachers to run both the Horizon Lanka Academy and Horizon Lanka Pre-school. We also need about five coaching staff members for the sports section. But we have only two of them for only karate and rugby. Read the rest of this entry »

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