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Wi-fi explained – from Lakbima News


Courtesey Lakbima News

Wireless hotspots are spreading across the globe, with blanket wi-fi zones now being rolled out in many city centres. Operators are promising wireless surfing at the touch of a button from the park, the bus or the street corner. So what does the wireless future have to offer and will it live up to the hype? Read the rest of this entry »


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Under the Ministry of Education’s Secondary Education Modernization Project – funded eVillage replication project, a group of visitors consisted with 30 members arrived at Horizon Lanka Foundation on the evening of 15th. June 2007 from Bibila, Pitakumbura Navodya School. It is worthy of mention that this group consisted with Mrs. Nayomi Soyza, the wife of Honorable Chief Minister of Uva Province. During her few hours at Horizon Lanka Foundation, we found that she was having her lunch with the school children and it insinuated her rich modesty without any arrogance that has in the minds of most of the wives of politicians in Sri Lanka at present. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lighting Up the Lives in Mahavilachchiya


S.Wijesinghas is father of three children. But he left leg is amputated above knee following a tragic accident, which changed his whole life when he was a teenager. But he is a courageous man. “I never think I am disabled. I’m healthy though I have only one leg. I climbed Seegiriya rock as well some years ago. I want to climb up Siripada before I die.” says he. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mahavilachchiya in Sunday Times Today

Read this article on Mahavilachchiya in Sunday Times Today. Click Here to see the JPG Version. Click Here to see the PDF Version.


Overcoming the Challenges

Nishantha Kamaladasa

CEO, Distance Learning Centre Ltd

Computer literacy and the English language skills are necessary to build a competent employee required by the corporate sector. However this competency is absent in many educated youth. This is in spite of increased government and parental spending. Read the rest of this entry »

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Visit Tharanga Sampath’s Blog

“My name is Tharanga Sampath. I am 17 years old. I am in Grade 12. I have tow sisters. There are Thanuja Sadamali and Uthpala kumudumali. They are studen’tMy father is a farmer. His name is Aberathna. He works hard. I help my father to do his cultivate. He likes to learn computer use but, he has no time for it. My mother is a housewife. Her name is Ganawathi. I teach computers to my mother and father. My favourite subjects are English, mathematics and science. My friends are Ruwan, Kasun, Priyankara and Nuwan.” Visit Tharanga Sampath’s blog and send comments to encourage him.

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Mr Nandasiri Wanninayaka’s Presentation at the Launch of eVillage Project

Click Here to download the PowerPoint presentation of Mr Nandasiri Wanninyaka’s speech at the official launch of the eVillage project yesterday, Friday, June 08, 2007 at DLC.

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President Rajapaksa praises Mr Nandasiri Wanninayaka, Horizon Lanka’s Founder

President Mr Mahinda Rajapaksha praised Mr Nandasiri Wanninayaka. He addressed teachers  at the handing over of appointment letters to Diploma Holders in Teaching to 2,599 new diplomates on June 04, 2007.

“Recollecting the ‘success story’ of Mahavilachchiya Central College in Anuradhapura, (should be corrected as Horizon Lanka Academy  in Mahavilachchiya) and its teacher Nandasiri Wanninayake, the President urged the teaching fraternity to emulate the exemplary teacher who has performed wonders and revolutionised the lifestyle there in Information Technology and English. Read Full Story in Sinhala here.

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