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Mahavilachchiya Reservoir Spilling

Mahavilachchiya Reservoir Spilling

Due to heavy rains Mahavilachchiya is receiving the Mahavilachchiya reservoir is spilling these days. Farmers in Mahavilachchiya are very happy about the rains since they are sure of cultivating two seasons next year.


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How I got a job in Colombo – Majith Rakshitha Perera – Former student of Horizon Lanka

By Majith Rakshitha Perera – Former student of Horizon Lanka
I am Majith Rakshitha Perera from Mahavilachchiya. I have long history with Horizon Lanka Foundation. I joined Horizon when I was studying in grade seven. Now I am 20 years old. I got good experiences from the Horizon Lanka. I haven’t got paper qualifications (certificates) for my computer knowledge. But I have knowledge than people with certificates. I know basic computer networking and computer hardware. I can learn any software very fast. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mahavilachchiya Blogger’s father abducted by LTTE?

Blogger’s father abducted by LTTE?

“Aruni Pradeepika has a post about the abduction of her father – farmer in Mahavilachchiya. Perhaps the first in the Sri Lankan blogosphere. The title “My Father” seems to have gone unnoticed in feed. There are no comments on her blog about it (what can one say?). What is not clear from the post is whether it was an attempted abduction or a successful one. [Mahavilachhciya Blog editor’s note: The girl’s father was abducted and he has even shouted that he is being abducted to other farmers.]

Best read her post for the details.”

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Kamal Deshapriya Dissanayake

I am Kamal Deshapriya Dissanayaka. I am 20 years old. I studied at St/ Joseph’s college Anuradhapura. I sat for the AL examination in 2006. I am a commerce student. While I am doing the AL, I had joined with Horizon Lanka. Through Horizon Lanka I could improve my English and computer knowledge well. First of all, I must thank Mr. Nandasiri Wanninayaka. Always he gave valuable advices to me. Actually, I can never forget that. Because of Mr. Nandasiri Wanninayaka I could get an opportunity to work in Microimage.

We had an interview on 22nd May 2007 at Microimage. For this interview seven members came from Horizon Lanka. After the interview, I was selected. I was very happy about that. That is a very special moment in my life. Because of Horizon Lanka now I am working in Microimage. Because of Horizon Lanka a lot of youth in Mahavilachchiya get good computer and English knowledge. I think Horizon Lanka is a real bonus for Mahavilachchiya people. Now everyone knows about importance of Horizon Lanka. Now many Sri Lankans and the world know about this Mahavilachchiya. Actually, I am proud of that.

Kamal Deshapriya Dissanayaka
(A Former Student of Horizon Lanka)

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