Wireless Mesh Network – Mahavilachchiya

Wireless Mesh Network - Mahavilachchiya

From ETPL website:

Source: http://www.enterprisetl.com/customers_view.php?id=1

Mesh networking comprises of a series of smart digital routers (Meshboxes) designed to carry high performance wireless internet over a wide area. Mesh networking is unique because instead of having a central server which determines how data is passed between computers, the mesh creates a network of equals, so individual computers find the best way to communicate with each other. All the computers are connected together to form a resilient network in such a way that the more devices there are on a network, the more routes there are through it. It can grow organically and will automatically organize itself. The ad hoc nature of the mesh makes it easy to start small and expand where necessary, without the complex reprogramming involved with adding to a traditional, top-down network. If one node were to fail, the network will automatically redirect data through an alternative route.

There were many unforeseen hurdles that had to be crossed prior to implementation. The licence approval for radio frequencies took longer than expected because of certain regulations that needed to be adhered to, so this project got delayed to lift off the ground. However, as soon as this was received the implementation time took only 2 months. By this time, there were changes in locations requiring connectivity so the design of the network had to be altered. Towers had to be added to the original design to accommodate the new design and make up for the loss of mandatory nodes.

As soon as the network was running, it was clear that it had created numerous benefits for the children that were past expectations. The children were excited beyond measure and started to use the internet continuously for their homework research and chat. A great advantage is the network connectivity with a school in Mahavilachchiya that currently teaches 400 students. Other students in the area want to be connected to the network and wrote to the Horizon Lanka asking for connectivity to their homes. The student’s parents have started to see the internet as a means to get ahead and have started to encourage their children to study IT. The farming communities has seen the benefit of checking weather reports online and are now able to search for more advanced methods of farming.

Watch Video:
English Version – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSNrD6lYfTI
Sinhala Version – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVW2QJ1zF1I


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