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Duminda pledges to have Tantirimale road in Mahavilachchiya rehabilitated

Duminda pledges to have road rehabilitated

Minister of Mineral Oil Resources Development Duminda Dissanayake assured the residents of Tantirimale, who have been engaged in a continuing public protest over the poor state of the 26 kilometer stretch of road from Vannihelambewa junction Anuradhapura to Bogoda, Tantirimale being in a state of disrepair, that the government would take immediate steps to start its rehabilitation.

The Maha Sangha too had joined the protest on Saturday (26).

The road from Vannihelambewa Junction, Anuradhapura has been in a badly neglected state from 1994 and the public in the villages of the area launched a protest by placing logs across the road and planting banana trees in the middle of the road where the tar had been washed off.

Traffic on the road came to a halt for over thirty hours with the protestors blocking the road and the Maha Sangha including the Chief Incumbent of Tantirimale Raja Maha Viharaya Ven. Tantrirmale Chandaratana Nayake Thera joining the protest. The Minister, who met the protestors, pledged before the Maha Sangha that the rehabilitation of the road would commence from May 15.


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Authorities ignore major breach on reservoir bund in Mahavilachchiya

from Mahavilachchiya Corr – Saman Vijitha Kumara Source:

The major irrigation reservoir, the Maha Villachchiya Mahavewa, is in the danger of destruction as its dam was damaged during the recent rains that fell on the North Central Province. About 5,000 farmer families, who depend solely on the waters of this major reservoir, with a capacity of 23,000 acre feet of water, to irrigate their rice and other crops will be affected if the dam is not repaired immediately farmers told The Island.

About 3,000 acres of paddy are cultivated by the farmers of the Maha Villachchiya area with irrigation from the reservoir. When the reservoir was first rehabilitated, 888 farmer families were settled in the lands below it but today after four generations the number of families had increased to 5,000,

At present about 500 metres of the bund of the reservoir has been damaged by erosion and the threat of the bund being breached badly was pointed out in the press several times before, but the irrigation authorities have not taken steps to repair it.

However, when the local authorities were contacted for a comment they said there was no immediate danger of the dam breaching right now. But the water level of the reservoir had reached spill level with the recent rains. The senior farmers and settlers expressed fears of the worst to come if the dam is not repaired now.

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Tantirimale in Sinhala Wikipedia

Tantirimale is situated in Mahavilachchiya Divisional Secretariat Division. Read this article about Tantirimale in Sinhala Wikipedia. This article was compiled by Sunil Premarathna, a former student of Horizon Lanka, now a final year student at University of Colombo. Sunil Premarathna is also doing his thesis on Mahavilachchiya reservoir and its irrigation system these days.

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The Late Minister Mr Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and Mahavilachchiya

Jeyaraj Fernandopulle

The late Minister of Highways & Road Development Mr Jeyaraj Fernandopulle visited Horizon Lanka, Mahavilachchiya in October, 2006. He was greatly impressed about Horizon Lanka’s mission on developing the village with the use of ICT and asked how best he could help Horizon Lanka. The staff, students and the parents requested him to repair the roads in and around Mahavilachchiya as it is the most needed requirement for the village. He immediately instructed local authorities to repair the road up to Horizon Lanka. He was in the process of repairing other roads in Mahavilachchiya, including repairing the road from Nochchiyagama via Suriyadamana to Mahavilachchiya since this could make easy access for Mahavilachchiya’s agricultural products to Nochchiyagama and Thambutthegama markets. Mr Fernandopulle was also willing to extend the carpeted road from Anuradhapura to Oyamaduwa up to Mahavilachchiya. We are not sure if the project would go forward with his untimely demise.

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Late Minister Mr Jeyaraj Fernandopulle at Horizon Lanka, Mahavilachchiya in October, 2006

We bless he may attain Nibbana. Jeyaraj Fernandopulle in Mahavilachchiya

This story was originally written and uploaded to Horizon Lanka website on Octiber 09, 2006.

Road to Mahavilachchiya is in very good condition only upto Oyamaduwa Junction. But beyond that the work has not been done well. Recently Minister of Highways Hon. Jeyaraj Fernandopulle and the Deputy Minister Hon. W. B. Ekanayake visited Mahavilachchiya to see the road conditions. They also visited Horizon Lanka Foundation. We hope that the roads in Mahavilachchiya will be repaired soon as it would encourage investors to start ICT related ventures in Mahavilachchiya.

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