H M Senevirathna with his creation

H M Senevirathna with his creation

By H M Senevirathna, Mahavilachchiya (Justice of Peace, All Island)

With the foreign invention in 1505 we lost our independence. After 500 long years president Mahinda Rajapaksha could regain our independence through his humanitarian operations. Today, we celebrate that grate victory. The first anniversary of our newly gained independence. This war memorial; we have reached and present today is symbolic of that independence. Lord Buddha at the moment of his passing away addressed God Sakra and preached that pure Dharma would survive for long in an island called Sri Lanka. Lord Buddha also requested the God to protect king Vijaya, the ruler of Sri Lanka and all successors so God Sakra protected all the grate leaders of his country by trying the blessed thread (pirith noola) around their hands. Going through that president, we have surrounded our war memorial with the blessed thread. The two ends of the thread are tied to the president heart and the thread is entangled seven times in his hand. And then it covers the lotus the symbol of Mahinda Chinthana and finally touches the land. The war memorial symbolises how the three forces, under the guidance of the Defence Secretary, Gotabhaya Rajapaksha rescued Mavilaru. It also illustrates the astonishing victory on May 18th of 2009. The pearls indicate the unity and prosperity of Sri Lanka, the pearl of Indian Ocean. The ‘sal’ flowers show the Lord Buddha’s blessings to Sri Lanka. This memorial is dedicated to all those who worked hard to bring independence to our motherland.


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    RuGa said,

    I saw a nice video which has the potential to convert an enterprising young lad into a young inventor. Good to watch this video. http://www.ted.com/talks/richard_turere_a_peace_treaty_with_the_lions.html
    Ruwan Gamage

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