About Mahavilachchiya

Mahavilachchiya is a village which is surrounded by Vilpattu National Park from three sides and we, the children of Mahavilachchiya with our Founder Mr Nandasiri Wanninayaka are trying our best to make Mahavilachchiya a Model eVillage. We need your support for this.


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  1. 1

    Malindu Wasala said,

    As a sri lankan i’m very happy to see the wide spread of the modern information communication technology in sri lanka.

  2. 2

    Upul Deshapriya said,

    Actually I was very happy after log in your web site. Becouse I can get a idea four our rural area student’s future. I wish to all Triple Gems.

  3. 3

    danushka said,

    i like to see mahavilachchiya village.and i can help you.
    wish you all the best dear sisters brothers and mahavilachchiya peoples.

  4. 4

    My dear wanni

    you show to others how to win poverty from our village and how to keep peace and harmony among the nationlites with the develop all over the country, you see! Mr Rohana wijeweera also try to done with the gun this aim, Prabakaran also try to do still with the gun this aim but you how wonder without gun you done it with your great creative wise mind. do you know what is the secret it, you done it without expect of ruling power and mainly pure heartly give to others knowledge,not cheating or misguided

  5. 5

    Nipuna said,

    HEY! GREAT to see this! I hope there will be more e-villages in Sri Lanka in the future. 😀

  6. 6

    Maryclare said,

    Please update the website would like to read more about Mahavilachchiya. I have visited the place it is a beautiful village

  7. 7

    dilu said,

    Oh! im vry happy to see that.i wish all of u for successfull future.

  8. 8

    Miss Maryclare De Silva said,

    Would like to view all the photograhs specially the photos taken at the inception according your website this was started somewhere in year 2005 or 06

  9. 9

    Miss Maryclare De Silva said,

    Please respond


  10. 10

    w k jinasena said,

    hi founder may be a catalist who came to make mahavilachchiya a heaven for children……….Dont give up!

  11. 11

    priyadarshana said,

    mahavilachchiya village verry nice and good place. i like and love vilachchiya peoples

  12. 12

    pradeep balasooriya said,

    i also work near to the maha wilachchiya i like so much. and there having long heritage also good lake

  13. 13

    Thusitha said,

    I also visited the place.

  14. 16

    Anonymous said,

    Hey which bank r u working? HNB Commercial am working in a govt ministry, You are Thusitha ? sername????

    • 17

      Anonymous said,

      Are you Thusitha Pathirana from Gampaha working at Dialog cheating girls saying that you are not married and willing to marry them and visiting their homes saying all sorts of lies , you are Married and having 2 children your poor wife is innocent she too was cheated and now you are going right round the country, all the young girls who knows him be careful…

  15. 19

    Hasthi said,

    Hope this project is still going well and the chidren are learning about the world and will eventually do things to improve their village, their area and spread it to rest of the country. Hope the children do more postings sharing their learning, views, future plans etc.

  16. 21

    w k jinasena said,

    who is this mary clere.why she want to come our village

  17. 22

    stephen dahanayake said,

    please give me details aroun tantiurimale, life,how to buy a land , and water and power, also how can devolope this area

  18. 23

    stephen dahanayake said,

    please tell me small villages aroun tantirimale, with names, thanks.

  19. 24

    Anonymous said,

    definetly we should have to get a morel from this

  20. 25

    Bernard said,

    Dear web master,
    I just entered the site. I am 55 years old. Could you please make it visible to read. The colour is dull. Why grey colour ? I am interested to read.

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