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Road to Tantirimale being repaired


The road to Tantirimale in Mahavilachchiya DS Division is being repaired and the work is almost over. There were some protests by the people in the area last year for neglecting the repair work by the authorities. And the authorities have kept their word by committing to repair the road. People in the area are very happy now.


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50 Flashlight Torches to Mahavilachchiya and Tantirimale

Mr. Sugath Kithsiri, the Divisional Secretary of Mahavilachchiya and Mr. Kapila Abenayaka the O. I. C. of Mahavilachchiya Police Station

A group of patriotic Sri Lankans in Sydney, Australia donated 50 Flashlight Torches to Mahavilachchiya and Tantirimale to help enhance security of these villages. The distribution was done with the participation of Mr. Sugath Kithsiri, the Divisional Secretary of Mahavilachchiya, Mr. Kapila Abenayaka the O. I. C. of Mahavilachchiya Police Station, Lieutenant Colonel M. U. Munasinghe an army officer of North Central Province.  They handed over the torches to the personnel of Civil Security Force. Mr. Sugath Kithsiri coordinated the donation.

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Duminda pledges to have Tantirimale road in Mahavilachchiya rehabilitated

Duminda pledges to have road rehabilitated

Minister of Mineral Oil Resources Development Duminda Dissanayake assured the residents of Tantirimale, who have been engaged in a continuing public protest over the poor state of the 26 kilometer stretch of road from Vannihelambewa junction Anuradhapura to Bogoda, Tantirimale being in a state of disrepair, that the government would take immediate steps to start its rehabilitation.

The Maha Sangha too had joined the protest on Saturday (26).

The road from Vannihelambewa Junction, Anuradhapura has been in a badly neglected state from 1994 and the public in the villages of the area launched a protest by placing logs across the road and planting banana trees in the middle of the road where the tar had been washed off.

Traffic on the road came to a halt for over thirty hours with the protestors blocking the road and the Maha Sangha including the Chief Incumbent of Tantirimale Raja Maha Viharaya Ven. Tantrirmale Chandaratana Nayake Thera joining the protest. The Minister, who met the protestors, pledged before the Maha Sangha that the rehabilitation of the road would commence from May 15.

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Tantirimale in Sinhala Wikipedia

Tantirimale is situated in Mahavilachchiya Divisional Secretariat Division. Read this article about Tantirimale in Sinhala Wikipedia. This article was compiled by Sunil Premarathna, a former student of Horizon Lanka, now a final year student at University of Colombo. Sunil Premarathna is also doing his thesis on Mahavilachchiya reservoir and its irrigation system these days.

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