Computer skills for 400 Sri Lankan students in Mahavilachchiya


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Project Needs and Beneficiaries

In rural Sri Lanka, most families rely on agricultural work, leaving them vulnerable to market fluctuations, natural disasters like the tsunami, and abject poverty. Students of Horizon work to gain marketable skills they can use to increase their college eligibility and capture off-shore employment. They are then able to earn more than was ever possible in their agricultural community, elevating not only their own financial prospects, but also those of the entire village.

Horizon teaches English and computer skills, but also organizes projects for students to actuate their learning. One major venture is creating online lessons to get students generating income and to disperse teachings to other Sri Lankan students.

Potential Long Term Impact

The goal is a replicable model of the school so that national and international students may benefit from a program that delivers an otherwise unattainable education. Entire communities will be elevated by the financial prosperity of the students.
Project Message

“After studying 7 years at Horizon Lanka, I became a director of it at the age of 18 and am trained in Laos to take on BPO operations. I never expected to be trained abroad when I joined Horizon.”
– P Isuru Senevirathna, Lead IT Instructor, Horizon Lanka Academy

Project Contact

T. B. Nandasiri Wanninayaka,
Chief Executive Officer
Horizon Lanka Foundation
101, Left Bank, Mahavilachchiya
Anuradhapura, North Central Province 50,022
Sri Lanka


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